Our Specialties

Biofuel Oils will collect and pay you for your used cooking oil.

Buying Used cooking oil (UCO)

Why should your restaurant join our growing list of clients? Because Biofuel Oils will pay you directly for your UCO. Let us help you tap into the value of your used cooking oil!

Our System Of Collection

Our clients are provided with innovative FATBOXX bins, specially made for UCO storage. These bins are leak and odor proof with sealable lids. Larger volume clients are provided with IBC tote containers.

Sustainability - Chain Of Custody

Biofuel Oils is a sustainable company with complete transparency for our clients and customers. We have achieved the highest standards and certification for dealing with waste products. Our specially designed software allows the ability to track our work, and product, for our clients.

Pick-up on your request

Our customer service and collection team are local. We can offer varying schedules for pick up, depending on our clients’ volumes, or can collect at your request. Our drivers can complete a service call within 72 hours of a request.

Biofuel Oils ensures that UCO collected does not make its way into the food chain through rendering facilities

Our company is purchasing used cooking oil from restaurants and selling it to biofuel producers for use in biodiesel production. By using used cooking oil to produce energy through biodiesel you are contributing to healthier food and cleaner air.

Making Our Clients Happy

We strive for the highest standards in customer service and efficient collection of your used cooking oil. Our clients receive cash at the time of pick up. The time has come for your business to profit from our service!